Our Current Projects: Kennebec River Estates and Great Southwest Estates

The Estates On The Kennebec River

Heavenly Homes has two estates that we are working on, Kennebec River Estates on the Kennebec River in Norridgewock, Maine, and the Great Southwest Estates on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada.

The Kennebec River Estates is on the Kennebec River in Norridgewock, Maine, on Father Rasle Monument Road. The estate consists of 8 waterfront lots, approx. 1.5-2 acres and are on the east side of the Kennebec River just off route 201A. There is mixed old-growth oak and pine, making this a splendid place to sit back on your porch and watch the sunsets.

The Kennebec River is a 170-mile-long (270 km) river that is entirely within Maine. It rises in Moosehead Lake in west-central Maine. The East and West Outlets join at Indian Pond, and the river then flows southward from Harris Station Dam, the largest hydroelectric dam in the state. It is joined at The Forks by the Dead River, also called the West Branch, then continues southward past Madison, Skowhegan, Waterville, and the state capital Augusta. At Richmond, it flows into Merrymeeting Bay, a 16-mile-long (26 km) freshwater tidal bay into which also flows the Androscoggin River and five smaller rivers. The Kennebec then runs past the shipbuilding center of Bath, then to the Gulf of Maine in the Atlantic Ocean. Ocean tides affect the river height as far north as Augusta. Tributaries of the Kennebec River include the Carrabassett River, Sandy River, and Sebasticook River.

Kennebec River Estates Map
The Kennebec has several fish species with unique spawning behavior, growing habits, and migration cycles. The river is home to the Atlantic sturgeon, Shortnose sturgeon, Atlantic salmon, Striped bass, American shad, American eel, Alewife, Blueback herring, Rainbow smelt, Tomcod, and Sea lamprey.

Some Photos Of The Kennebec Lots, Flora, Fauna And The Surrounding Area


The Southwest Estates On The Miramichi

The Great Southwest Estates are on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. It consists of 5 waterfront lots, approximately 2 acres, and 7 backlots with deeded access to water on this world-class Atlantic salmon river. The land is made up of gently rolling hills accessed by a graveled road accessible all year long. These parcels are located just above the confluence of the Miramichi and the Cains River. The property has frontage on Washburn Island Pool and is 300 yards from the most productive public pool on the Miramichi, the 66-foot pool. This is the opposite side of the renowned Blackbrook Salmon Club.

The Miramichi River, famous for fly-fishing and spectacular scenery, is perfect for paddleboarding or tubing lazily on a family vacation. The Miramichi River consistently yields more Atlantic salmon to anglers than any other river in North America. When fish are running the river, there is a good chance of catching salmon as any stretch of water on the Miramichi.

The Miramichi River meander length measures approximately 250 km and comprises two important branches, the Southwest Miramichi River and the Northwest Miramichi River, each having their respective tributaries.

Video On Fishing In The Miramichi in New Brunswick Canada And Ted Williams

Some Photos Of The Miramichi Lots And The Surrounding Area